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        Service Thumbnail - Retrofit

        WESCO Lighting’s unique retrofit process uses new technology and innovation to upgrade your lighting assets and achieve increased energy savings, productivity, alertness and safety.

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        New Construction

        Service Thumbnail - New Construction

        The lighting needs of new construction projects are different and require different capabilities. WESCO Lighting understands those needs and has developed a suite of solutions and services especially designed to address them.

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        WESCO Energy Solutions

        Service Thumbnail - WESCO Energy Solutions

        Technology has made everything “smarter.” With a portfolio that includes advanced controls, smart metering, solar, charging stations and water, we offer energy solutions that improve the planet and your bottom line.

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        Productivity Tools

        Service Thumbnail - Productivity Tools

        Technology has also changed the way we work and provides new ways to be more productive. WESCO Lighting’s suite of productivity tools is the lighting industry’s GPS system –– allowing customers to reach their destinations in less time, more safely and more efficiently.

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